Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Practice what you preach

I cannot believe it is already week 5 of the transfer... One more week and then transfers will be coming up again!! I will find out Saturday June 5th if I will be transferred to a different area or with a new companion. These past weeks have just flown by! We've have the most lessons I've ever taught in one week before. And the most miracles. I hardly see my companion some nights because we are on splits the whole night! But the busier we are, the happier we are.

I've concluded after this week that missionary work is really fun!! Like, I really enjoy doing it! And it's also really exhausting... spiritually exhausting. But I wouldn't rather be any place else than here in St. George!

I don't have a whole lot of time right now - we've had some computer problems - but my favorite quote from this week would have to be from a man we've been teaching for a few months now. After much doubt, trial, and not keeping commitments he randomly said, "You guys practice what my pastor preaches!" And then from there on he's been progressing like crazy!

I love seeing the power of conversion and the change in those we teach - probably one of my favorite parts of missionary work. And filling in our area book - with all the teaching records of everyone and so forth. Sister Shoemaker and I made a deal - If she does the dishes, I'll do the area book!

I love you all so very much!!

~Sister Martin

Pics: Sister Shoemaker and I at one of our baptisms this week! It was a beautiful baptism! His wife is less-active but now the whole family goes to church regularly and they will be sealed in the temple next year :)

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