Saturday, June 6, 2015

almost finished!

So we had something way exciting happen here as well! Alan (the good friend of our recent convert, Vincent) got baptized last Saturday! Oh my goodness what a joy that was. Vincent even gave an outstanding talk on the Holy Ghost. It was a very sacred experience and one that I will never forget. I have learned so much from those I teach, especially Alan. Something that has always touched my heart is the simple, fervent prayer of one that is new to the gospel. When Vincent and Alan pray, they are really and truly talking to their Father in Heaven. Something that really touched me in one of Alan's prayers was when he thanked God for putting people around him who love him. The ward has been so great at making sure he is included in everything and has supported him so much through all that he has gone through to get to this point. They truly do love him, and Sister Hooson and I do as
well! These are friends that I look forward to seeing again, even in the eternities.

I love seeing the change in ones countenance when acting upon the teachings of the gospel. The light that enters their eyes and the glow on their faces. It's physical evidence that the gospel brings forth good fruit in our lives, and brings about a change which we could never invoke in ourselves, but only through Christ, who is "mighty to  save."

I love you!!!!!

Sister Martin

Alan Prinkalns baptism. Sister Hooson and I and then me with Alan and Vincent.

 Sister Parton (crazy Auzzie!), Sister Hooson (total Brit) and Sister
Archambault and I!

Our zone during a hike today. We love our zone!!

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