Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Loads of pictures!

Itty bitty kitties are reading the scriptures!! :) 

Temple cookies!!

We met this man that came in the VC who is an RM as well as a chocolatier... some of the chocolate he sells (in this pic) is the #1 leading fine chocolate in the world. He gave us lots of samples :)) Needless to say that P-day was a fun one!

We've been having some CRAZY thunderstorms lately! And the sky has been just AWESOME! Here is the stake center right in front of the temple where a tree was struck by lightening.. sad

Me and my french twin, Sister Sordes :) I went on exchanges with her for a day and we had such a fun time together - we learned so much from each other. 

EVERYONE has HUGE gardens here!! I love it! After every dinner appointment we have they'll take us out to their backyard and pick loads of vegetables and fruits for us!  I have officially decided that when I grow up I will have a huge garden. You can count on it :)

Petting the sheep! We walked out of a lesson and these sheep sounded like human beings ... it was really weird. There are so many animals here in Washington! we run this 2 mile road every morning that is SO beautiful! full of horses, red mountains, lambs, green fields, pink skies, pretty smells... i love it.  We have a rooster that crows every morning and it sounds like someone is squeezing it's neck when it crows... or like it's about to toss it's cookies... I think the rooster is close to it's end. 

Cute little Anniyah at her baptism :) 

What Sister Pearson made me for my Seventh month mark! Can you believe it!! 
(We can because we think the same things!)

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