Monday, October 13, 2014

9 month mark

2: The little critter.... Sometimes it's a little slow in the Visitors' Center so we have to come up with some creative things to make good use of our time... :) this is in our exhibit "God's Plan for His Family"
3: The map in our apartment of our area - the 11 wards are color coded. And I'm pointing at where we live!

This is where I lived when I was serving in the Washington stake - we lived in the basement of this members home who I am in the picture with. I just absolutely love them to death! CUTEST kids ever!! This is the view of the back of the house and you can see where we would go in to the basement.

We give tours in Brigham Young's home from time to time. One of my favorite things to do :) Here's the parlor room, his actual chair, and a picture of the twelve apostles then! Guess who's one of them?! :) Our great great great great grandpa! 

2 of my favorite families when I was serving in the Washington stake.

I had a really special experience with the family that has 3 kids - the Nay family. We baptized the two oldest kids and the mom is becoming active again. This is a family I will never forget! The time we spent together changed both of our lives forever.

The boy and the grandparents Sister Archambault and I are with is another family that is near and dear to my heart. The boy, Colby Covington, wanted to be baptized for the longest time. I had the privilege of being there from the beginning to giving him his after baptism lessons. His grandparents (the Fifes) adopted him. His story is an amazing one that I will for sure have to tell you when I am able to speak - I'm not very good at explaining things via email. But the Sunday clothes occasion was because we invited 10 yr old Colby to bear his testimony at our recent convert fireside. The meeting is a very special one because of the strong spirit that is there from all these recent converts from all over St. George bearing their testimonies. It's a wonderful occasion to bring investigators or less-actives to. Colby bore a beautiful testimony of his conversion - he was by far the youngest one I've ever seen go up there! He was so brave! During the fireside 3 other missionaries and I sang the tune of "Abide with me Tis Eventide" (my fave song) to the lyrics of "Go Forth with Faith"

1. Go forth with faith to tell the world
Of Jesus Christ, the Lord.
Bear witness he is God's own Son;
Proclaim his wondrous word.
Go forth with hope and courage strong
To spread the word abroad
That people of all nations
Are children of our God.

2. Go forth with love to tell the world
The joy of families--
That we may be with those we love
Thru all eternity.
Go forth to serve and do your best
With no thought of reward;
Then you shall know the boundless joy
Of serving Christ, the Lord.

3. Go forth with pow'r to tell the world
The gospel is restored,
That all may gain eternal life
Thru Jesus Christ, the Lord.
Go forth to preach his glorious truths
Of peace, of joy, and love,
That all who heed his holy word
May praise the Lord above. 

My favorite phrase is the one in bold. I can remember so clearly the great spirit I felt while singing this beautiful melody with such a sacred text in the chapel with these other diligent missionaries. I remember looking out on the congregation and seeing Colby and his sweet grandparents. I remember thinking about how excited they all were when Colby was baptized because now they can be sealed in the temple together. There is no more rewarding joy than that that comes going "forth with love to tell the world the joy of families" and seeing them unite together. What a special event that was and an extremely strong spirit that was present that I will never forget.

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