Monday, December 8, 2014


Some fall pics in front of our driveway. 

Playing some kickball with our missionaries :)

Trying to visit one of our investigators and while I was eating my apple the hoses were goin crazy. So we fed them.

Sis. Liu and me :) we have so much fun together :) And this is the shirt that Aunt Barbara got me!!!! 

We ate dinner with our investigator family (the Lusts's) last night which was SO fun. This is one of their cute kids. After our dinner of butternut squash soup they made us herbal tea and we talked about the gospel for a long time... good times. I will have to tell you more about them next week. They are awesome.

One of the people I met in the VC in the spring, Nate Hardison. He was very less-active. I taught him over the phone once a week for months. He is now preparing to receive the Melchizedek priesthood!! He came down from northern utah and said hi - it was so good to see him.  He is awesome, such a missionary! Now he goes out all the time with the missionaries! 

The Christmas trees in the VC before fully decorated. 

Sister Liu's old ward mission leader, Larry Lyman. And WE'RE RELATED!! I remember grandpa mentioning something about him. We three had a great time talking together at the family search library, where we do our emails. I guess his cousin Marilynn also works there!! 

One night we came into our apartment and we found this cute Christmas tree and stockings put up by our landlord!! SO nice! They have 3 little ids, 6 and under. The 6 year old is just like Seth and loves playing basketball. And they have a full out court pretty much... So today Sister Liu and I are going to shoot some hoops with them :)

And of course my beautiful Tongan queen companion, Sister Liu! Posing by the tree!! 

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