Thursday, April 2, 2015

life in pictures

Some of the people we were teaching in Manti:

1. Wendy and Sadie! Wendy was LA and trying to come back and Sadie, her daughter, was preparing for baptism. Wendy has such a strong testimony. We met them because their neighbors invited them over for dinner with us and they never came so we just delivered dinner to them! food always softens hearts. 

2. The Braithwaite family. Oh how I miss them!!! I wrote about them when I was in Manti. They are trying to come back to church and have such a desire to learn. It's a huge step for Brian but he would always say, "I know it will be hard, but I know it will be worth it!" 

3. The Spendlove family. Where do I even start. I love this family so much - they are the prime example to me of integrity. It is a combined family and three of the boys are not allowed to be baptize because their biological father will not give them approval. But what do these three boys do? They go to church every Sunday, they participate in any way they can, by bringing the sacrament bread or even holding the doors open for those that walk in. We would always sit at their kitchen table for the lessons and have the greatest most spirit filled discussions. I know there are great things in store for them!! The day they are able to be baptized I will drop everything and come to see them.

I'm going to miss winter in Manti on our little farm :( it's already fully-fledged summer out here!! 

Some more winter of Manti. In the Valentines (our landlord) house they had a fireplace and I was like a magnet to it. Sister Lasalosi caught a pic of me after a very long, exhausting, cold day. 

Eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Ephraim with the Valentines! 

What our car would sometimes look like in Manti because of all the muddy dirt roads we had to ride on...

At President's house after our missionary leadership council. 

During our biking days....

The baptism of Ivy :) 

Baptism of Jade Lunt! 

Sister Lasalosi and I on Christmas day :)

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