Tuesday, April 7, 2015

perfectly perfect in every way

What a beautiful weekend we've had here in St. George!! The weather is PERFECT! Perfectly warm :) do you remember how I always wanted the heat up no matter was I was and I always had the heater in my room turned up so high that it was like a sauna? Well, my wonderful companion, Sister Archambault, is just like me. Except even a little more... (Which is weird since she's from a freezing part of Canada).
The other day we had to drive home at 6 am from exchanges in Kanab (it's also very pretty there) and it was FREEZING in the morning so I had a blanket wrapped around me and then we got back in St. George
where it was in the 60s and she still had the heater blasting.... I thought I was going to melt to death. Now I think I have experienced a bit of your pain with my obsession of heat. I am so sorry. God was really kind though to send me to a warm place :)

So this week has been a little exhausting for Sister Archambault and me. We've been on a ton of exchanges with our sisters (so it felt like we hardly ever saw each other...sad) and have had many meetings and the WORST allergies ever! I think one night we accidentally carried in a bundle of pollen and somehow it got evenly distributed around the house because every night we came home we were sneezing fools. I kid you not one night I sneezed at least 40 times and then did the same in the morning again. We used up four tissue boxes in a week. Crazy. But we're doing a lot better now!

Conference weekend was just perfect. We were able to watch every session with investigator and less-active families that we're teaching. On Sunday morning we ate breakfast with and watched conference with one of our less-active families. The dad joined the church a few years ago, fell away, and then came back and was sealed in the temple with his wife and cute kids. But now he has fallen away
again. He is willing to learn and come back, just has a few things to work through. It will be a long process. We were so glad that they agreed to having us over. As we were watching the talk by Brent Nielson about his personal story of the prodigal son, I looked to the wife who had tears streaming down her cheeks. I was praying and praying during the whole conference that the husband would feel the
spirit, that "music of the gospel", once again and yearn for it even more. I was so focused on wanting him to gain everything he needed out of it spiritually that I didn't even give thought to this strong, active, optimistic mother who, for all I knew, was probably suffering though a lot of grief in hopes of her husband returning. I could feel right then Gods love for her and appreciation for her patience and
never-ending kindness. Yes, the husband needed to feel a sense of urgency in returning, but I think even more importantly, the wife needed to hear that with continued praying and patience, the Lord’s hand would be revealed.

There were so many great things about conference, I don't even know where to start. I'm excited for the Ensign to come out so we can read and re-read them again and again. I loved the theme of families – many of our investigators were really able to connect with that. I am so grateful for our living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson. The words of the living prophets and apostles have given me more direction and peace in my life than I can even express. They have provided me with an anchor of truth. I know without a doubt that those men are called by God and speak with the power and authority of God. They have truly published peace in our world, and even in my own life. I love them.

I want to leave off with this great scripture: "Shall we not go on in so great a cause? Go forward and not backward. Courage, brethren; and on, on to the victory! Let your hearts rejoice, and be exceedingly
glad." D&C 128:22

I love you all :)

Sister Martin

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