Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If a picture paints a thousand words

Beautiful view from temple stairs on a morning run.
That's a stake center right across from the temple. 
Beautiful sunset after much walking and teaching.
One of my favorite MTC teachers, Brother Tiatia stopped by the VC! 

Giant tumbleweed!

One of the sisters in the VC bribed some ice cream guy
to bring all these wonderful beautiful ice cream bars in for us.
They were gone in one day... Whenever Elders come in to drop off desserts
for us or unwanted goodies, they make sure to say things like "Just remember, eat it slooowly" or
"you better eat some before the rest of the vultures attack it" or "make this last for at least a few hours" ...

Practicing our posture on a slow night in the VC :) 

This guy in our area has a bunny farm!! ahh so cute!!
We just went up to his house and said,
"We heard you have bunnies, can we see them?"

My old zone, STGWest. Now I am in the STG Central Zone, or the STG Celestial Zone.

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