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So as you have probably already assumed, my p-day is now on Wednesday. Since we serve in the Visitors' Center, all the sisters can't have p-day on Monday because then there wouldn't be anyone to serve there. So that's why we're always switching around.

New transfer, new p-day, new COMPANION!! Her name is Sister Shoemaker!! It's been great having her - we are a lot alike. We like everything very clean and very organized. We are still in a trio with cute Sister Morales who also likes everything that way. You should see our neat apartment :)

But really, we have so much fun together. I just love them. This week as been a wonderful one - Sister Shoemaker, Morales and I have been learning a lot from each other. We have a new vision for the St. George area this transfer - we've talked a lot and made goals that will best help us strengthen our relationships with leaders and members and organize this part of the Lord's vineyard in a more...organized fashion!

For some of these goals we set we are already seeing immediate results! That being that we can feel the spirit a lot more and are more united in our companionship. We have been trying to excite a few of the bishops in our area about missionary work, but some of them are tough nuts to crack :) But I know that if we get the bishop excited, ward council will be more motivated, and then our ward mission leader will be more inspired. And we will then have more baptisms and re-activations!

 It's a great opportunity we have to work with these leaders; I'm grateful for the example a lot of them set for me. It makes me have a glimpse of the kind of missionary I want to be when I return home. And I'm so grateful for Bishop Ott and the motivated missionaries we had back home before I left! I remember they did a lot to get everyone excited about missionary work - now it's my turn!!

We did the training for our coordination meeting last night (with all our ward mission leaders and high council) and it went really well. We typed up a whole paper concerning the responsibilities of a ward mission leader (here's what you need to do - now do it. Not quite that harsh though) and talked about the way coordination meeting is to be held. Next week we are panning to go over President Hinckley's talk "Feed the Lambs, Find the Sheep." WONDERFUL talk! I strongly recommend all of you to read it. That will be the meat of our training. The responsibilities was just the milk ;)

Anyway, it's amazing how much my testimony is being strengthened every day. By the scriptures, words of the prophets, meetings, companions, and investigators. Our investigators strengthen me a lot. Their faith, courage, and diligence is truly inspiring.

Something else really inspiring are the visitors that come in to the VC. I know I talk about the VC all the time... but it's truly an amazing place to be serving.

A Mexican woman came in and wanted to listen to the message of the Chistus, so we played it for her. Instead of sitting and looking up to Christ's face, she placed her hands on His feet, bowed her head, and closed her eyes.

Not something you see every day. Quite different from our daily visitors who will be crawling all over the benches or talking and laughing loudly.

But here she was, humble and reverent.

You could tell she loved her Savior. Some of the sisters who were in the front with me just looked at her with admiration for the love and respect she had for Him. That experience called me to repentance.

I started to question myself of my reverence, love, respect, and humility while wearing His name on my tag serving in the Visitors' Center and serving in my area. And while taking the sacrament.

We, as human beings, forget things sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. That is why we hear the word "remember" so many time throughout the scriptures. That is why it is so important to go to the temple over and over again. That is why we take the sacrament every week to be reminded of our covenants.

I love this gospel with all of my heart, might, mind and strength! And ALL of YOU!!

And I would LOVE for you to share with me your insights throughout scripture reading and PREACH MY GOSPEL reading :) hehe!

Much love, Sister Martin

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