Thursday, May 29, 2014

I wish I was in Utah's Dixie

TRANSFER DOCTRINE: Sister Shoemaker and I are staying in the St. George Stake and Sister Morales is moving to the apartment right next to us and will be serving in my greenie stake, Bloomington!! And we now have 13 companionships (not including the senior couples) serving in the VC - getting prepared for summer!

Speaking of, on Sunday the VC was PACKED! The place was a sauna just because so many bodies were packed in there! And in the middle of it all I had to give an Italian bus tour. No, I don't speak Italian so the tour guide had to translate everything for the bus. They wanted a tour of the temple pictures we have and of the history of St. George and then to listen to the message of the Christus in Italian (fun side note, when it's really slow in the VC I play the Christus in all the weird languages we have... like Thai and Cambodian and such. And guess what, you can still feel the spirit!). But anyway, it's a little difficult giving a tour when you have a translator because you have to choose your words and phrases veryyyy carefully. I said like a million prayers before the 40 or so Italians all gathered around... and then I had to practically yell because of the amount of people there! But they were a really fun group - had a lot of great questions. And about 8 people wanted an Italian Book of Mormon! We are starting to get a lot more French and German buses as well, about 6 a day or so. Crazy!

Today we had our transfer meeting and I got to perform on a violin for the FIRST TIME! Eek.. There were 4 sisters singing and 1 on the piano and we played "Because I Have Been Given Much." Sister Hansen helped me write out a part last night, it went really well. But my fingers are a little sensitive now since my calluses are completely gone...

Anyway, I have to get going now, but I love you all so much!! We have had a week full of wonderful very spiritual and inspiring lessons - some beautiful miracles have been happening and I can see the Lord's hand in everything we do. I have realized that the more grateful we are, the more we recognize the answers to our prayers. We will be unable to recognize them until we make a conscious effort to be genuinely grateful. I love this gospel and the light it has provided me in seeing the many things I am grateful for and that we are blessed. I strive every day to be worthy of the prayers and sacrifices of all who are helping me serve this mission for the Lord. Blessings and love to each one of you!

Much love, Sister Martin

P.S. I lost my flash drive with all my stake documents on it and a ton of my pictures... pray that I find it! :(

We did this activity days lesson for all the girls in the stake. Fun! (Activity Days is for girls ages 8 through 11. Leaders and teachers use the Faith in God guidebooks as resources for activity days, supporting the work children and parents do at home to fulfill Faith in God requirements)

Sister Morales got stung by a bee on Dixie Rock right on her EYELID ...scary... and it was stuck in her hair forever. I seriously practically ran right off Dixie Rock and on to the highway. Then brave German Sister Greoenveld pulled the stinger out of her eyelid....AHHH.

Me with the Germans on Dixie Rock! 

My ticket to ride the merry-go-round! 

Got that white skirt at DI for $5 :)

Sister Morales didn't even meant to take a pic (or have it zoomed up so far) but she got a pic right in time when this REALLY creepy guy was calling the VC. He calls often and says the creepiest things...creepy. We just hang up. 

Sister Morales, Busteed, and me!! I love them!! 

With the sweater G-ma made me!!! :) 

We went to this place called Coyote Tacos that one of our investigators has been raving about (If we go get tacos there, you HAVE to go to church this Sunday - worked out nicely :) ) and Sister Morales said they were like real Mexican tacos.  And I got to get my favorite Horchata :)

Sister Morales and I!! (She gave me that blue skirt :D ) 

First In-N-Out experience. It was a mad house in there.

There is this member who feeds our district lunch after our weekly district meetings - SOO nice! This is his adorable dog, Sam. Last time he fed us Texas enchiladas (YUM) and this time he fed us wild rice stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon and cheese... I thought dad would appreciate this.

Remember that Buddhist Chinese exchange student that I had that marvelous experience with at the VC?! Well, she's leaving this week to go back and she and her friend stopped by to see me! We are keeping in touch and I'm still teaching her via email :)

This amazing singing group came to the VC (their name is Arete) and I got to sing with them!! A few are from Tennessee and Berkeley. The guy in the middle is the one who put it all together. He studied at Harvard with Clayton Christensen and served in the mission presidency with him in Boston. He helped him write the book "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" - which is a MARVELOUS need to read it! But he felt that God wanted him to do something else so he followed the spirit and organized this wonderful group (he's actually not even musical) and they go around doing these 3 day benefit concerts for mainly non-members.... I can't explain it all but they're really amazing! 

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