Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Spirit of God like a Lava is Burning

Hello Family!! 

It was SO good to talk to you on Sunday - I have been playing and replaying seeing all of you, from Provo to St. Louis! Just seeing you guys gave me so much energy and joy!!! Thanks for being patient with the weird technical difficulties :/ It's so weird to think I won't see you till Christmas... But I know time will fly by! I had a lot of things I had thought about to share with you, but of course right when I see you guys I have a million bajillion thoughts swarming around in my head and can't remember anything else! So I apologize if I seemed a little scattered. Next time I will write all those thoughts down :)

We have been having a lot of success here in the St. George Stake. The High Council is going around to every ward and sharing with them a video on the site "Hastening the Work." Ever since this has started, we have been receiving calls like crazy! People calling to have us teach their grandchildren, their friends, their kids, asking us how to approach their friends, it's great! We are going over to a members home soon to talk to her about how she can help her less-active friend who is an RM. We will give her a few ideas and role play the situation with her. So remember, if you ever need some ideas for missionary work, just ask the missionaries! 

Oh, and is our ward down to one set of elders?

A funny story I forgot to tell you all last transfer: Sister Morales met this Mexican woman at the VC who invited her over for dinner. So on our p-day, we got a ride with an RM from Peru who joined with us. Everyone in the house spoke spanish except for me. In fact, the couple that was feeding us didn't speak a lick of english. So I thought to myself, "Well looks like I can just sit back and relax and enjoy the food!" 

But it was not so. 

Before the lady served us, she had me taste test this sauce she was making called malee. I had a little bit on a chip and YOWZER it was quite spicy. But kinda good at first. So I put my thumbs up and smiled at her and said "Si! Tengo hambre!" - my spanish is limited. 

Well, turns out that we were going to have a little bit of chicken and rice with our malee. And by that, I mean the malee sauce was basically the meal. Never in my life have I experienced my mouth feeling as if it was housing a small bonfire. I wouldn't be surprised if smoke was coming out of my ears. The whole time we were eating and everyone was conversing in spanish, I was sniffing and wiping away the tears from this lava on my plate. I shot a glance at Sister Morales every now and then as if to say, "You Mexicans are crazy!" Just kidding. But really... it was a struggle. 

Towards the end of the meal, Sister Morales began sharing a spiritual thought. Her, Sister Pearson, and the RM that was with us started to testify of the Book of Mormon. And even though I didn't quite understand what they were saying and my mouth was still recovering from the fire damage, I could feel the spirit so strongly. The spirit of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the spirit of the gospel blessing families. 

Lately, when our investigators and less-actives don't read the Book of Mormon, we just read it with them! It's amazing to see the change the Book of Mormon can bring into others lives. this week I have noticed a physical change in their countenance when we do so.  I know without a doubt that we cannot be truly converted to this gospel without a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is tangible evidence of the Restoration. The time it was brought forth testifies alone of it's importance - Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormon even before the priesthood was restored, before the church was organized, before we received the knowledge of truths such as family history work, etc. The prophets who wrote in this book saw our day and the trials we would be going though. They have put their experiences and stories that they knew would have the power to help us overcome our fears, our challenges, and increase our love and faith for our Savior and Mediator, Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon! 

I am so deeply grateful for this blessing of service, for the opportunity I have to be here in St. George, Utah at my age, with my lack of experience, learning and growing and helping others to do the same. The trust that Heavenly Father has in me is incredible and I know I must do all I can in order to live up to His expectations of me. 

I love you all dearly :) 

Much love, Sister Martin

We had some beautiful stormy weather the other night - and this is the view we have from some of the homes in our area that we visit! The picture hardly captures the beauty. It was the first time I heard it thunder since back home in St.Louie :) 

Sister Childs - one of Madeline's favorite senior couples

Sister Arnold (from Germany) and I with all the German Books of Mormon! Preparing ourselves for all the German buses...

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