Thursday, May 1, 2014

Poodles, roosters, & cats - Oh My!


I have two great miracles to share from this past week. Are you ready?! 

Number 1: After months and months of trying, we were able to get in to a recent converts house and have one of the follow up lessons with them. She is a 15 year old named Cheynee who lives in a somewhat dis-functional home. To give you a small idea of what it's like, the first time we went to contact her the pit-bull and poodle (whose fur was died blue) were barking like we were about to rob them and a random rooster that sounded like he was about to go to the slaughter house wouldn't stop cock-a-dooling. So we could barely hear her speak whenever she came to the door. And there's a strange head sitting on the porch that looks like the head on the spider thing on toy story (like identical) and it grows hair every time we go back. Scary...

Anyway, we FINALLY got in to a lesson with her! And then she had like 5000 cats in her house. Okay, 5. And I'm slightly allergic to cats so i was getting really nervous. I guess I'm a cat magnet because every few seconds they would try to hop on me. I was sitting on the couch in between my companions and the whole time they would constantly grab a cat by the neck and fling it off while looking at Cheynee and teaching her. And no joke this happened once every 10 seconds the WHOLE time! It was a pretty funny sight and i had to hold back my laughter many times. I don't think she got the hint that I was really allergic to cats... So the miracle is that I have 2 companions who will protect me and throw cats off me while keeping the spirit in the room. And that we had a wonderful lesson with her FINALLY! :)

Number 2: The next miracle is that we have received numerous referrals that have great potential. It seemed as if for a while we were dried our on who else to visit that would actually listen to our message. And the Lord has sent us those whom he has prepared :)We are now teaching a lot of children right now, a few teenagers, and some seniors. It's hard alternating lessons to each of their needs and their level of understanding - but it's amazing how powerful and constant the gospel is to every one we teach. I feel that I can truly say that the Lord is hastening the work in the St. George Stake - it's flourishing. And it's all because members and missionaries are working together and praying mightily :) Angles are sitting around waiting for their assignments, and when there is enough specifics and faith in our prayers, miracles happen.

Despite these small miracles, I've been feeling really exhausted and slightly overwhelmed lately. Working in a trio is hard work. Sometimes I find myself not smiling as much as I used to. I don't get overwhelmed or stressed very easily so it's something I'm not used to. But I've been praying a lot - especially for patience. I know missionary work is not supposed to be easy and I'm glad I'm experiencing a little opposition. I know this will be just a refining point in my life according to the way I respond to these situations. The Atonement is a very powerful and real thing; it is something to be used every day. I'm grateful for this Gospel and the peace and comfort it brings constantly into our lives. 

I love all of you :) 

Much love, Sister Martin

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